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Attorney members have access to our member created online brief bank, which contains downloadable PDF files of members’ briefs, motions, transcripts of cross examinations, and other significant legal material.

COSH attorneys routinely refer cases to one another and often choose not to compete with their COSH colleagues. This offers valuable networking opportunities both in and out of court and a way to better address specific client needs.


Workers’ Compensation attorneys are frequently searching for experienced and capable board certified doctors for their cases. Membership in our organization can connect physicians throughout New Jersey to attorneys who need client evaluations, exams, and surgeries. Physician members are also frequently utilized by our attorneys for expert testimony during trials, for which they are reasonably compensated.

In addition to the increase in business, NJCOSH’s political activity directly benefits physicians across the state. One of the first major political victories NJCOSH achieved was the blockage of a bill in the state Senate that would have dropped the maximum amount of physicians’ payments for Workers’ Compensation examinations and expert testimonies.

NJCOSH recognizes that physicians who work side by side with lawyers in the Workers’ Compensation field are an integral part of the entire process and should be involved with our organization’s efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Workers’ Compensation field. As NJCOSH grows increasingly more influential in the field of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation, we want physicians to be a part of the policy making that directly affects them.


Membership in COSH can connect unions and their members to experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys for any injuries that their members experience while on the job. In this regard, NJCOSH can help unions control the Taft-Hartley costs as they can get repaid by Workers’ Compensation for certain insurance payouts made to injured union members.

NJCOSH recognizes that unions are an essential part of the Workers’ Compensation process and should have a seat in the policy making and political activity of NJCOSH. NJCOSH and WORKPAC routinely support labor and union friendly politicians and bills proposed in the state legislature.